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  • Maritime Law

    Within the maritime trading business, we provide our Clients with advice at every stage of the shipping transport and cargo. We try to make the decisions optimal in terms of safety and economic interest of the parties to the shipping process by: • the choice of the right underwriter, • insurance premium rates for […]

  • Contact Us

    by poste: Baltic Lawyers law & maritime law solutions Świętojańska 32/1 street 81-372 Gdynia, POLAND by telephone: +48 (58) 620 94 27 by fax: +48 (58) 620 40 66 mobile: +48 508 091 339 by e-mail:

  • Standardized Contracts

    BIMCO: bill of lading, charter bareboat: time charter parties, waybills and cargo receipts: FONASBA:challenge booklet, code of conduct, standard clauses for limiting agents liability for filing isps code compliance information,standard liner […]

  • Site links

    International Maritime Institution: International Maritime Organization (IMO) FIATA Port State Control Paris MOU Comite Maritime International BIMCO Ports: Port Gdańsk fee tariff of Port of Gdańsk pilotage services towage services mooring services notification of arrival and […]

  • BIMCO standardized contracts

    Austwheat bill.pdf (pdf) chemtankvoy bill of lading.pdf (pdf) coal orevoybill bill of lading.pdf (pdf) congen bill of lading(to use with charter parties).pdf (pdf) conlinebill 2000 liner bill of lading.pdf (pdf) combined transport bill of lading.pdf (pdf) grainconbill bill of lading.pdf (pdf) heavycon bill of […]

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