BIMCO standardized contracts

Opublikowane w: standardized contracts

Austwheat bill.pdf (pdf)
chemtankvoy bill of lading.pdf (pdf)
coal orevoybill bill of lading.pdf (pdf)
congen bill of lading(to use with charter parties).pdf (pdf)
conlinebill 2000 liner bill of lading.pdf (pdf)
combined transport bill of lading.pdf (pdf)
grainconbill bill of lading.pdf (pdf)
heavycon bill of lading(for heavy and voluminous cargos).pdf (pdf)
hydro bill of lading (to be used with hydrocharter).pdf (pdf)
multimodal transport bill of lading.pdf (pdf)
north american grain bill of lading.pdf (pdf)
nuvoybill 84 bill of lading.pdf (pdf)
polcoalbill edition 1997 bill of lading(to be used on the polcoalvoy charter).pdf (pdf)
scancon charter bill of lading.pdf (pdf)
usfull bill of lading.pdf (pdf)

Barecon 89 Standard Bareboat Charter revised.pdf(pdf)
Bareghire 94 Standard Barge Bareboat Charter Party.pdf (pdf)
Bimco Standard Bunker Contract.pdf (pdf)
Bimco standard ship repair contract Repaircon.pdf (pdf)
Boxchange.pdf (pdf)
Container Leasing Agreement.pdf (pdf)
Crewman A Cost Plus Fee.pdf (pdf)
Crewman B Lump Sum.pdf (pdf)
Heavycon Contract.pdf (pdf)
International Ocean Towage Agreement (Daily Hire).pdf (pdf)
International Ocean Towage Agreement (Lump Sum).pdf (pdf)
International Wreck Removal and Marine Service Agreements.pdf (pdf)
Navexcon Standard Naval Exercise Contract.pdf (pdf)
Saleform 1993.pdf (pdf)
Salescrap 87 Contract revised and re-named Demolishcon.pdf (pdf)
Shipman 98.pdf (pdf)
Slothire.pdf (pdf)
Standard Bill of Sale.pdf (pdf)
Standard Contract of Affreightment for Dry Bulk Cargoes.pdf (pdf)
Standard Disbursements Account.pdf (pdf)
Standard Minor Repair Work Contract.pdf (pdf)
Standard Statement of Facts (Short Form).pdf (pdf)
Voyage Charter Party Laytime Interpretation Rules 1993.pdf (pdf)

Baltime 1939 – Uniform Time Charter updated.pdf (pdf)
Bimchemtime 2005.pdf (pdf)
BOXTIME revised – BOXTIME 2004.pdf (pdf)
Bptime3.pdf (pdf)
Gentime General Time Charter Party.pdf (pdf)
The New York Produce Exchange Time Charter Revised 14 September 1993.pdf (pdf)
Time Charter Party for Offshore Service Vessels.pdf (pdf)
Uniform Time Charter Party for Offshore Service Vessels.pdf (pdf)

Combiconbill.pdf (pdf)
Genwaybill Non-Negotiable General Sea Waybill (revised 1995).pdf (pdf)
Linewaybill.pdf (pdf)
Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading.pdf (pdf)
Non-Negotiable Cargo Receipt to be used with Heavycon Contract.pdf (pdf)
Revision of the Worldfood Voyage Charter Party.pdf (pdf)
Revision of the Worldfood Voyage Charter Party2.pdf (pdf)