Areas of Operation

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  • Areas of Operation
    Areas of Operation, ilustracja

1. Maritime Law of Poland, International Maritime Law, Insurance Law
within maritime, air and road transport
2. Civil Law:Submitting motions to the Courts of Justice, Making up
contracts for the use within the economy sector, opinions and
consultations on the same, Running negotiations concerning contracts
and agreements, Providing legal opinions.
3. Labour Law focusing on the Employment Contracts for seamen
employed by national and international ship owners.
4. Companies Law: complete advise on Companies under Commercial Law,
advising on the establishing, winding-up, merging, splits or
transformations of commercial companies, advising on entities with
foreign capital shares, advising on company bodies (meetings of
Boards of Directors, Supervisory Boards, Assemblies of Partners or
Shareholders), advising on the regulations included in the Commercial
Companies Code along with the executory provisions and related legal
rules, making up agreements, statutes, sets of rules and other
regulations for the proper operation of business entities and their
bodies, complete advise on the processes of establishing and
operating other entities subject to the National Court Register,
including Associations or Foundations, making up managerial
contracts, making up sets of rules for the operations of the Boards of
Directors and Supervisory Boards.
5. Building Industry Law
6. Family Law
7. Inheritance Law
8. Housing Law
9. Intellectual Property Law
10. Pharmaceutical Law
11. Bankruptcy and Credit Repair Law
12. Court and Execution Proceedings – representation in proceedings
13. Administration Proceedings – representation before public
administration bodies
14. Court and Administration Proceedings – representation before
Administration Courts of all instances
15. Public Order Law
16. Personal Property Protection
17. Consumer Law
18. Personal Data Protection
19. Real Estate
20. Competition Policy and Anti-Monopoly Law