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We would like to offer the following forms of co-operation to our Clients looking for standing, complete and professional legal advising within concluded contracts for such service that specify the following:
• A monthly time limit of the lawyer’s work hours and the scope of services,
• A lump-sum fee,
• Additional hourly rate for the excess monthly time limit.
The invoices for the executed advising shall be made out on the basis of monthly reports including the following information:
• type of advising,
• time spent on said advising,
• fees paid within the legal actions by the lawyer,
• possible additional fees for the extra time spent on a given case by the lawyer in charge.

The financial settlement shall be calculated on the basis of every commenced hour of advising. The speed of service expected by the Clients shall depend on the amount of the rate or on the fact whether or not the hourly limit has been exceeded.