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Extensive co-operation of our lawyers with solicitors and legal advisors across the three cities of Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot and nationwide guarantees effective service to our Clients from cross Poland and abroad.
We co-operate also with lawyers operating in Germany and the USA.
To meet the demands of our Clients, we co-operate with the following entities and professionals:
• solicitors specialising in Criminal and Family Laws;
• legal advisors specializing in Bank, Economy and Personal Property Laws
• Lawyers’ Offices,
• Tax Advisors
• Court Execution and Levying Officers;
• Official Translators and Interpreters Agencies,
• Detective Agencies;

The range of issues submitted by the Clients for handling and the broad spectrum of the cases investigated on their behalf and their names have facilitated our lawyers to establish a very effective team able to analyse and provide complete service adjusted to the individual Leeds of our Customers