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Within the maritime trading business, we provide our Clients with advice at every stage of the shipping transport and cargo. We try to make the decisions optimal in terms of safety and economic interest of the parties to the shipping process by:

• the choice of the right underwriter,
• insurance premium rates for the indicated types of cargo;
• types of maritime carrier contracts,
• share in the joint incidents and in accidents or crashes,
• arresting vessels.

when ordered by our clients, we also take care of the following cases:

• analyses and surveys of the shipyard contracts,
• vessels registration procedures,
• establishing Maritime Mortgages, liens and privileges upon deep sea vessels,
• shipping property restructuring
• proceedings before maritime management bodies;
• complete service to Polish and foreign ship owners in the Polish ports.

We are ready to represent domestic and foreign ship owners as well as other partners to maritime turnover in the Polish ports and also in court and arbitrary proceedings.

Acting in the name and on behalf of crew members, we demand outstanding payments from domestic and foreign employers as well as compensations for maritime accidents. We represent semen in the administration proceedings before maritime administration bodies.